The Swedish ICT-Commission

The Swedish ICT-Commission

The ICT-Commission

The ICT Commission is set up by the Swedish Government as the Advisory Board in the field of Information Technology. The over-all assignment of the Commission is to analyse the impact of Information Technology on the Swedish society and promote the dissemination of information about the new opportunities in the Information Society. The Commission is actively monitoring, initiating and supporting the development and use of Information Technology within the society.

The Mission

The ICT Commission shall analyse the role of information and communications technology as a useful tool for the development of the society. Hence revealing and explaining future opportunities and problems and encourage the political and economical initiatives. To achieve the desired development The ICT Commission shall highlight questions promoting economic growth and illuminate questions constituting impediment to growth. The IT shall stimulate the use of information and communications technology on a broad basis in society by:

· Assisting and advising the Government of measures to be taken.

· Encouraging involvement and participation on a broad base and in different sectors of society.

· Promoting the spread of information on current topics within this field of activity (A summary of the resolution adopted at a Cabinet meeting on 14th May 1998)

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